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The Mood to Expect with the Weather

Checking the weather for most people is just to ensure that they will be in a position to accomplish what they need to during that day. For people working indoors, they might have no clue about weather changes until they step out of the office to head home or for lunch. If you were to ask several people whether the weather conditions affect their moods the answer would most probably be no. Scientifically however, the weather could be the reason you are in a certain mood. Less exposure to sunlight has been said to make you sad regardless of the circumstances you are in. The explanation here is the production of the hormone responsible for making you sleepy, as you become slug you will not be in a position to function normally. Sunshine, on the other hand, makes you more motivated and it has been said that you will spend more when you have sunshine. If it’s raining outside its likely that you will be eating a little more than you do, this is because the body wants to keep the levels of serotonin up. The solution obtained here is only temporary and you will be back at the snacks time after time. It is also likely that you experience Pain of the joints when it’s raining , this is because the atmospheric pressure is low and the blood moves from the vessels to tissue exerting some pressure on the joints, his is the reason for the pain. Being outside especially on good weather will get your good hormones flowing and science has it that creativity and memory will I be at its best. With that in mind you should find some time to be out for walks when you can. It is best to be around people on sunny days because you can be in a mood to help people and romantic as well because of the energy. This is why summer makes one of the best times in the year.

When you are in this mood, it is recommended that you spend time with the people that you love. Aggression from people gets to another level when it’s hot. when it’s extremely cold people will be slow and probably not the best time to expect much. The cold weather is known for little motivation and people generally being inactive since several body processes have been slowed. Its best to save any complex physical tasks for later. The next time you check the weather, it’s advisable you also look at how potentially that could affect your mood now that there is a scientific connection.

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