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When You are Allowed to Use Emojis in Work Emails and Correspondence

It is not easy to make our way through the social norms of a tech-driven generation like the one we live in currently. Nowadays, it is hard top find an aspect 0f our life that remains unaffected by technology and smartphones. A challenge is presented to most people when they are at work. The use of emojis in electronic mediums of communication such as texts and emails has been questioned in terms of their ability to foster respectful, expressive and contextual; communication between people even though the texts and emails have been found to boost togetherness among employees.

While most people already use them in their day to day lives to communicate with friends and loved ones, they still doubt whether they can be used in work related communication. it is the circumstances that determine whether or not you can use the emojis at work and this makes it hard for most people to understand. By reading more here, you will be able to understand the situations upon which the use of emojis in a professional setting depend.

Emojis have become a key apart of our every day communication. They have provided convenience when it comes to expressing our feelings as we can comfortably do it with the use of emojis. While they can be very useful, their relative newness means that they do offer a few challenges when using them in the workplace. Here are some of the scenarios in which you are not allowed to use emojis when writing work emails.

Do not use emojis to pass across information. Not everybody uses emojis when texting and your colleagues at work or your superiors may be among this group. Using emojis in this case presents a risk of passing across the wrong message. Someone else is likely going to get a different meaning from an emoji from the one you intended as people have different interpretations. For this reason, it is important that you avoid using emojis to pass across information about your personal feelings or any anything else as the other person at work may get the wrong idea.

Do not use them in a strictly professional context. They maybe popular but they still come with negative stigma when it comes to perception of professionalism. Using emojis in a work setting is viewed as lack of professionalism. Studies show that some of the people who use emojis at work are seen as incompetent. Your reputation at work is important and you should therefore avoid using emojis in such cases to keep the respect from your coworkers intact. It dies nit mean that you should not use emojis at work, however, as it is a case of circumstances.

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