I’m Tired of Being Alone

My love life has always been in complete shambles. I do not think I am cut out for love. When I try to have a nice relationship with a woman, things often go awry. I usually end up getting cheated on, rejected, or put in the friend zone. It got to a point that I was completely at my wit’s end. I was jealous of seeing all the other couples and I did not have a special someone. I decided to try something different. I looked online for escorts in Las Vegas Nevada. I decided I did not need a girlfriend, but a female companion with no tricks.

My history with dating was tumultuous in my younger days. In high school, none of the girls wanted anything to do with me. I guessed I was not popular enough for them. In college, I finally had my first girlfriend. I was so in love with her. I thought she was the best thing since sliced bread. Unfortunately, she betrayed me. I gave my girlfriend my heart and she cheated on me with another man at my college. I was to hurt to start dating for a while. Unfortunately, things kept going wrong in my love life. Most of the women that I knew wanted to keep me as a friend, but not a boyfriend. They did not want to ruin the friendship.

One day, I viewed an escort website with beautiful women. They had a variety of different ethnic women. I wanted to date an Asian escort because that was my preference. I saw one named Diane. She looked very beautiful. I called her up and she was very prompt. We made a date for Saturday.

Diane and I had a lot of fun on our date. There were no strings attached. Even though we were not a couple, I enjoyed her company,


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