Found Myself in a Hairy Situation

I never thought that my hair would be the reason I had to find drain unclogging services in New Jersey. But that’s where we are right now. I have a stopped up shower and an unhappy husband.

I have pretty thick hair that I keep in the essential messy mom bun. So, when I wash it, I tend to shed a lot. I never paid much attention to it but my husband insisted I was going to cause plumbing issues if I didn’t get the hair out every time. I figured that it couldn’t cause a huge issue but I was wrong. It caused a huge snag in my morning routine.

I jumped in the shower this morning to wake myself up and get motivated for the day. I was in a great mood and sung as I scrubbed my hair. I was feeling clean and pampered until I realized the water was rising. The tub was hardly draining at all. I yelled for my husband to come help me find the problem. He knew exactly what the issue was.

We tried to unclog the drain ourselves but it wasn’t budging. He ran and got some Draino but it barely did anything. So we decided to look for drain clogging services in New Jersey that could get there quickly.

The plumber got there pretty fast. He was able to use one of his tools and get a huge ball of hair out. As soon as he did, the water drained swiftly. He was very professional and kind. Like my husband, he reiterated that I should not let the hair go down the drain if I could help it.

From now on, I will be sure to brush my hair before washing it. That should remove most of the loose hairs and the rest I will catch and throw in the trash. I won’t wash it down the drain.

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