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How You Can Fix a Leaking Shower

If you have noticed the paint near your shower wall peeling off, it could be an indication that your shower is leaking. You may have a difficult time noticing leaked shower pipes behind walls. If you do not notice your leaking shower pipes on time, it may bring about mold growths and terrible smells to your home. Homeowners can easily fix shower leakages. In this article, the ways by which one can fix a shower leakage are talked about.

One should first identify the source of leakage when fixing their shower. If you are fixing a shower that is leaking behind a wall, you should first identify the leakage source. Locating the leaking pipe may difficult due to the availability of many pipes that may be behind the wall. Checking if the caulking areas around the shower have broken will give you an easy time identifying the source of leakage. You can create an access point to fix the leakage if it is within your wall.

You can fix your leaking shower by creating an access panel. You will be able to access the leaking pipe without damaging your showers surrounding if you create an access panel. When creating an access point, it is important you be careful so that you do not interfere with other pipes.

You can adjust your leaking shower by tightening its connections. Loose pipe connections is one major cause of shower leakages. The access panel you created can be used to get to the loose pipe connections so that they be tightened.

You can fix your shower arm when your shower is leaking from there. Leaks on the shower arm may be difficult to locate. You can fix shower arm leaks by removing the shower arm and cleaning its threads using a wire brush. After cleaning the threads, you can wrap them with a plumbers tape then reinstall the shower arm.

Fixing shower valves is important when fixing shower leakages. The leaks behind your shower wall will be resolved if you fix the shower valve. You can fix your shower valve by first unscrewing the knob holding its handle then you cut out the old valve. You can then install the new valve then screw to reinstall the valve.

Fixing waste pipes will help you fix the leaking shower at your premise. You can fix waste pipes by accessing the pipework then tightening the connections.

Fixing the crevices is another tip that will help fix a leaking shower. You should check the cracks that are in your shower tray if you are still wondering why your shower is still leaking. Cracks that are in shower trays can be fixed by checking the crevices and replacing it if it has a big break.

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