I Can’t Put the App Down

I’ve been so addicted to using Bitcoin Trader that I can’t stop even when I’m relaxing. I started trading in bitcoin near the beginning of the year, and once I made my first trade, I was hooked. Everywhere I go, I pull out my phone and look at the trading app to see if I should buy or sell some bitcoin. Recently I went on a trip to Las Vegas, and while I was in the casino, I was still looking at the app. One hand was on the handle of the slot machine, and the other was wrapped around the phone.

Other people thought I was filming the inside of the casino, but when they looked at my screen and saw nothing but a chart of the bitcoin prices, they were confused. I was barely paying attention while I was playing games of blackjack against the dealer. I kept losing all of the games because I told the dealer to hit me when I should have stayed. I didn’t really care, because I was too focused on the app. The only game I won at the casino was the roulette wheel, and that was because the number I picked was based on how much the bitcoin price rose in the last five minutes. After losing a lot of money at the casino, I went to a buffet.

The buffet was lined with food as far as the eye could see. I packed my plate with a little bit of everything, went to a table, sat down, and pulled out my phone again. I was eating so slowly because I was trying to trade while holding the fork. Everyone else was just watching me put small pieces of food in my mouth while I was tapping away at my phone screen.


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